Can I take photos or video footage at the Red Carpet Night, All Day Soiree and/or workshops? 

The Red Carpet Night will be professionally filmed and photographed with the DVD available at the All Day Soiree and photos available via Facebook so please do not take footage on the night.

You may film the All Day Soiree show *UNLESS* the performer has requested that they prefer not to be videoed. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of our PERFORMERS so this policy may continue.

All recording devices, whether still or moving, are for your personal use ONLY. NO commercial use of any portion of any footage taken from the Red Carpet Night is allowed without written consent from the subject/s and the event producer. ONLY THE ARTISTS THEMSELVES ARE ALLOWED TO USE THEIR RECORDING in any public forum, such as YouTube.

Photos & video during workshops are at the discretion of each workshop instructor, please check with them at the workshop.

Thanks for your cooperation.