Red Carpet Night 2018 footage


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What better way to enjoy the Red Carpet Night than from the comfort of your home.  Even better, enjoy the concert in person, then relive it to your heart’s content!

Produced by Tristan Baker of Bam Studios.  Accustomed to producing footage for many a dancer (no less his wife Jrisi Jusakos), enjoy a high quality production with a ‘dancer’s eye’.

This year we will we will be providing ‘Reawakening’ as a digital download for ease of delivery and a higher production quality.

Historical dvds can be purchased at the festival.  Alternatively please contact Deb at

2016 starring Mardi Love
2014 starring Kami Liddle
2012 starring Samantha Emmanuel & Sabine
2010 starring Elizabeth Strong



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2010 Red Carpet Night dvd

Starring Elizabeth Strong

2012 Red Carpet Night dvd

Starring Samantha Emmanuel & Sabine

2014 Red Carpet Night dvd

Starring Kami Liddle

2016 Red Carpet Night dvd

Starring Mardi Love

2018 Red Carpet Night footage

Downloadable footage starring Kristine Adams