Being the Music – Kristine Adams (US) and Devi Mamak


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Kristine Adams was born and raised in the SF Bay Area.  Daughter of educators/artists, she was infused with a love of self expression and instruction at a young age.  Kristine dabbled in all forms of expression and had her stage debut at the age of five.

Her first passion was for storytelling through the written word, which morphed to storytelling through photography, and then to storytelling through dance.

Kristine achieved her BFA in photography in 2002 and with more free time promptly fell into belly dance. She began studying with Carolena Nericcio in 2003 and was invited to dance professionally with FatChanceBellyDance in June 13, 2005.  She stayed a principle member of the illustrious FatChanceBellyDance Troupe until she left in August 2017.

In August of 2012 Kristine launched her own journey around the world detailed on She lived out of a bag and travelled to as many ATS studios as she could as she made her way around the world, wrapping up her journey in April 2016.

After 70 countries and hundreds of dancers, Kristine Adams FCBD Emeritus, enjoys dancing with everyone she can.  She sees herself as one of the many caretakers of this beautiful dance form and loves to share her in depth knowledge of ATS and her creative storytelling to encourage all ATS dancers out there to find their own voice.


In this workshop we will explore the most dynamic ways to put together both a set and a song.

Bring your audience along for a well thought out tale and learn how to embody the intricacies of music.

Event Details

Date: October 27, 2018

Start time: 01:45 p.m.

End time: 03:45 p.m.

Venue: Bankstown Sports Club, Level 1